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Amenities at Camp Florida

Amenities at Camp Florida

Amenities at Camp Florida

Camp Florida Resort is a highly rated, gated campground with 397 sites.  It's located on the shores of Lake Grassy, a 530 acre lake, 2.23 miles long. Residents of the park enjoy a large clubhouse, an olympic-sized pool, tennis and pickleball courts, bocce ball, horseshoes and a putting green.  All sites are spacious, often 40 by 60 feet, and are all on paved streets.

Residents and all guests enjoy numerous social activities in the park.  Many are centered in the Lakeview Clubhouse which hosts a concert series and several other special productions, carry-in meals, one or two meals for purchase each week prepared by volunteers in our huge kitchen, bingo night, numerous weekly card games of various types, dance lessons, and exercise groups. The sports facilities are available for free play most of the time and there are also set schedules for group play.

Keeping track of all the activities is easy since we also publish a monthly newsletter (known as the Critter) available free of charge.  It lists the special activities for that month and the schedule for the regular daily and weekly social activities (see Critters for the past year under the "More" heading at the top of this page).

We also have our own boat ramp and a large pier which has room for mooring a dozen or so boats.  Fishing is very popular and we have our own fish-cleaning facility.  Several residents also enjoy water skiing and riding their own jet-skis.

The park has had the normal progression of a quality park in warm-weather states. People come for a few days and like the park and the people in it so much, they extend their stay and return the following winter for an even longer time.  After a few years, they realize they'd rather own a lot than to continue to pay rent and become owners themselves.

As a result, most of the sites (currently about 320) are now privately owned and most of those are occupied by the owners.  Some owners continue to live much of the winter in an RV, but most have installed more permanent housing, primarily park models that have also had additional living space added. Most owners spend the warmer months at their main residence up North, but a fair percentage live in Camp Florida full time.  

Another unusual convenience here is a Winn-Dixie grocery store and Dollar General just outside our gates.  Residents routinely walk, bike or take their golf carts to those stores. 

A few words about the Lake Placid area.  We're located in the South Central portion of the State, surrounded by several other large lakes and numerous orange groves.

Many of us first tried campgrounds along the East or West coasts, but found we grew to hate the heavy traffic and big city problems they found there.  By contrast, Camp Florida is safe, relaxed and casual.

Making a Reservation

Amenities at Camp Florida

Amenities at Camp Florida

This website is primarily intended for those who now own property in Camp Florida.  If you would like to rent a campsite, let us refer you to the website maintained by the owner of the remaining 80 rental sites:  https://campflaresort.com   Or you can phone them at 863 699-1991. 

There are also privately-owned sites that are available for rent.  You may find ads for them on bulletin boards around the park or on websites oriented towards campsite rentals.